The Devils in the details

Brisbane Airport, Australia

Before flying somewhere, you pick a date and book a flight. This morning I arrived at the Brisbane International departures terminal. I proceeded to the Qantas desk to check in for my flight to Reno via LAX. The Qantas hostess looked at my itinerary, paused, and informed me that at 6:30am (now), I’ve missed my 10am flight…. As my flight was yesterday. It’s a real “whoops” moment. Heck, it’s an “oh f*ck” moment. Thinking back to yesterday, I worried about not purchasing enough nipple patsies for my trip (because nipple patsies are my vegemite when travelling… Not.. I don’t even eat vegemite) when really, I should’ve been worrying about the fact I was still in Australia and not on a plane, to Reno. Ignorance is bliss.. Complacency is costly… Approximately $909 costly… that’s the cost to rebook a flight to LAX and an extra flight from LAX to Sacramento as all flights from LAX to Reno were booked out. From Sacramento, I’ll be taking a 3hr bus ride to Reno. Phew/ ouch. Thought during flight – What happened to Missy Higgins? Another thought – Why can’t I sleep? Statement – The movie “Dirty Dancing” is still all time.

Flight lands. I get my bag from the overhead compartment and return to my seat, not before the guy across from me invades my personal space, clumsily plowing his elbow into my head. Now for the 6 hour layover at LAX before flying onto Sacramento and busing it to Reno. I may have said this before, however, I’ll say it again, LAX is a truly sh*t airport, with next to no shopping and screaming children. I do love listening to the African Americans. They’re great.

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