Turning back time

Los Angeles, CA

Friday is arguably the best day of the week and I’m travelling from one Friday, into another. 48 hrs of Friday! Note to Cher, I’m turning back time… zones. Despite being jet lagged, this lengthy trip provides me with an opportunity to listen to Frank Oceans new album “Blonde”. It’s… Aight.

Sweeping through Sacramento and straight on to Reno. My next fear is my baggage potentially not showing up… It’s happened before but luckily, not this time around. I did lose my favourite hat on the bus to Reno… Despite looking under the seat. It’s Mexico all over again. From the bus station, I can see in big bright lights “Harrah’s”. That’s the hotel and casino I’m staying in. Who needs a map when you can follow the lights. Shower, repack, mourn lost hat, curse no free wifi in the hotel room and off to sleep.

5 hours of sleep and my roommate and a few others lads (co burners) arrive, after a big night and morning at the strippers…. Sleep is now a long lost friend.

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