Setting up

Black Rock City, NV

Once a year, 70,000 plus people travel from all corners of the globe, and gather in the middle of the Nevada desert, to construct the city that is Black Rock, to celebrate Burning Man. This year, I’m one of those 70,000 people. Burning man. An extreme location, for the worlds most extreme, wacky people, to be who they want, and do what they want.

The dust is fine and creeps into all available crevasses and oraphis’s. The only way to avoid getting your entire body and possessions covered in playa dust is simple… Don’t come here. Looking out the window of Patricia (our bus), I watch the sunrise over the dusty horizon. And so it begins.

Later we get our hire bikes (bikes are the best way to get around here) so I take ride and go “deep playa”. I’ve already spotted a couple of completely naked old men riding around in the dust. I decide that I may as well join and set my body free. There are art installations being constructed everywhere.

I’ve now weathered my first dust storm and managed to lose my camp. No sign of Nick, who got banished from the bus last night either… Honestly, he could be anywhere as this city is massive! His friends, Smiley and John, have been checking the lost and found without any luck. Tonight, we head to a camp called “the Duck Pond” and then “Slut Garden”. I manage to lose my camera bag (with my phone and camera).

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