1, 2, 3 it’s easy

Black Rock City, NV

In a place where anything goes, there are things that don’t… Such as spilling or discharging bodily fluids, liquids or any foreign matter/ objects onto the Playa. Very strict rules and principles for burning man.

There are celebrities here! Leonardo Dicaprico got choppered in yesterday and one of my fellow burners hung out with him last night. People are struggling with harsh conditions of burning man and 3 guys are already plotting their escape from the desert and contemplating flying out of here.

Three. The number of days I’ve been in the desert and the number of fellow burners who’ve now burnt out (Literally, three guys got in a car and went back to the land of the living… I guess you could say they quit burning man) and the number of days, plus 1, that my nose has been bleeding from dust infiltration. An attempt to erect a tarp as a shade sail at camp eventuates into… Let’s call it an “art installation” or a “wind instrument”… No pegs. So unprepared. Smiley is a vegetarian and is complaining about not getting vegetables. “If we don’t eat, we die”, he says at our camp meeting… Then he says, “I just want to hug my girlfriend and maybe do more… 100 percent do more”. I feel bad for the guy, as two of his best mates were the ones that left.

Tonight is Diplo and Skrillex plus Carl Cox. I got lost twice tonight during my ride, and weathered a night dust storm. This place is illuminated like nothing else you’ve ever witnessed in your life. You see the darkness come alive in the most spectacular way. It’s a loud, raving, sea of lights.

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