K hole

Pershing County, NV

Last night, I climbed over a structure called “The Thunder Dome” where people volunteer to fight while attached to a low hanging harness and being swung towards one another, wielding foam like bats as weapons. I volunteered to fight last night and they told me to come back tomorrow.

Jordy has unfortunately developed pneumonia, so James and Kurt escorted him back to reality, to seek proper medical attention, bringing our total of burned out burners to 6. This place makes or breaks you.

Temple today with Ness and Ashlea. Thousands of messages for the past, present and future loved ones. Letters to pets and family members, messages of hope and good wishes for the world. The temple with all its contents will be burnt to the ground in a couple of days; ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

I still haven’t had a shower or washed my hair since last Sunday and have developed a nasty cough on top of the ongoing bleeding nasal passages. One guy Will, asked “how would you describe this place to your bf?”. I’ll tell you how, “I’d crank some drum and bass with a crazy laser show, then pick up a handful of dust, throw it in his face, then give him a hug”. I miss my loved ones, vegetables and the simple things… Clean air, running water, not having to deal with people who are completely off their faces day in, day out.

Every morning Smiley or someone else rolls into camp and exclaims, “I just had the best night of my life”… Despite having no idea what day it is. I’m just going to hang in the RV in an attempt to get better after a big night out in a desert rave camp. Later in the afternoon, Smiley sheepishly opens the RV door. It looks like a pixie has taken a giant glitter **** on his head. He’s one fried ketamine sloth. More holes than a block of Swiss cheese.

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