Gardnerville, NV
As I write this, it’s 4am, I’m sitting on dusty, filthy Patricia, sick, tired and in desperate need of medical attention. Diago, one of our “camp leaders” bounds into the bus looking for Freddy to tie a knot… Amazing! A guy who we put in charge of setting up the camp in the middle of the desert, can’t tie a ******* knot. A few major camp failures over the past 7 days make a lot more sense. There should be a camp screening for incompetence. I’m a lover of adventure and extreme experiences… When I’m in good health. Sadly, for the majority of this trip, I have not been in good health, altering my burning man experience dramatically and limiting how much I could see and do at the tail end of this trip. Inbound to Lake Tahoe to dust off and regroup. We all roll into Harrah’s casino in Tahoe like tumble weeds, coated in residual desert. Raff has broken his foot (just another BM casualty) and we’re both off to find a doctor. So, we learn the taxi drivers interpretation of a medical facility is not quite on par with ours, as he takes us to a medical marijuana dispensary… No sir, that is not going to help a chest infection or put Raff’s foot in a moon boot… His assumption we’re pro green wasn’t entirely off.

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