Vitamin D & the C

In my world, a 5:45am wake up is less than ideal… Not so bad when your back yard is the Great Barrier Reef and I’m in the water for a pre breakfast deep dive. Visibility is great today, however, for every dive site I’ve been to here, seeing the amount of bleached and dead coral is simply heart breaking. The reef is in very real trouble. Other than diving deeper underwater than I ever have before, the highlight of the dive was watching a giant moray eel intertwining through a coral ledge. What a sight!

On to breakfast (salt water and diving really work up an appetite). Another 2 dives before lunch and just like that, I’m now a fully fledged, certified, Advanced Open Water Diver! High fives and 30 metre dives all round!

Zoë and I head up to the helm, at the top deck to visit Captain Tom Tom. Tom Tom is a typical pirate, yet happily allows us to commandeer the vessel and assume captain status (In my standard sea captain hat and pair of bikinis… it wasn’t likely we’d encounter any resistance).

During lunch, at the table next to Zoë, Riley and I, it was announced a couple got engaged underwater during the last dive. I was half way through a mouthful of food when I overheard the news and looked over to see the ring… immediately, my stomach sank to the ocean floor like a besser block (large brick). Goodbye appetite and congratulations to the happy couple.
The remainder of the afternoon is spent laying on the sun deck of Ocean Quest, soaking up that sweet vitamin D and the sea, before getting transferred back to land later today. Riley has some pictures of me on his go pro, so I shamefully give him my email address created by 13yo Cheloena… “It’s, getshorty26″ and I whisper ” at hotmail”… He burst out laughing. Too rightly – who actually uses a hotmail account besides me? Probably no one who values online security. Riley seems too smart to send anything to a hotmail address… Not long after that exchange, we both reconsidered our friendship due to differences of opinion on “world issues”… Lets just say he was not team Pepsi Max and leave it at that. Nice knowing you Riley.
The Sea Quest boat pulls up alongside Ocean Quest. Sadly, the time has come to jump ship and voyage back to land. Zoë and I are… Bummed about leaving. Being out on a boat, in the ocean, is my Switzerland… in the way that I’m free and untouchable out here, no one can get to me… Unsure about extradition.
Cut to, almost 3 hours later and I’m back on land, in Kewarra Beach. I expected to be completely spent after a massive few days, yet I’m restless as ever and itching to take these sea legs for a run. Against my “better” judgement, knowing full well, running alongside a highway at night is neither safe, and in 27 degrees 150% humidity, pleasant, I head out anyway. I’m going my way, getting cooked, on the Captain James Cook, Highway. 15.4kms later, no assaults, no rapes and not an ounce of dry skin or clothing on my person. Time to “thai” myself over at Palm Cove for dinner, and off to bed.
Laying here, staring at the ceiling, my world is still rocking #postboatfeels.

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