Mojito Monday and a “Foreigner” experience

Monday morning, the sun is up, my gums are shredded and jaw sore from having a regulator in my mouth for two days, my forehead bruised from the scuba mask, blisters from my fins and my hip flex strained from last nights run. It’s good to be alive and I’m grateful to have a body strong enough to endure whatever I throw it.
I catch a bus into Cairns city. The first store I walk into, Foreigner’s, “Waiting for a girl like you” plays over the intercom That’s my queue to get an Uber to the Marina for a well needed drink. A couple of mojito’s down and, I make acquaintances with 6 burly, English, world rugby players. Though they’re representing Ireland. One guy, who identifies as “Anton”(real name Brad), has a black eye, “did you get in a fight with the mrs?” I say… He replies, “No, no, I’m single” (lies), Kyle says, “we all are sweetheart, we beat the Italian team in the world rugby yesterday” (typical lad response)… The group of us exchange some banter, food and a photo before and parting ways. I have no idea who those guys were.. doubt they appreciated my question about what they do for “work” either… Being a world rugby player is a thing, apparently… So is the condition of, “sports ignorance” which I have an extreme case of. May also have insulted Liam’s previous career as a DJ (shout out to DJ Kay) noting that I too could make a playlist.. #makingfriends
 Irish Rugby Team
It’s time to farewell Cairns and take this suitcase back to the Sunshine Coast.

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