Do I stay or do I go?


Slept through my alarm this morning, missing my second thresher shark dive… tbh, I didn’t set an alarm. I’d been operating on only a few hours sleep a night for the last week and needed some extra zzzz’s.

As per my physio’s orders, I’m going to attempt my first real run since February after finding a full thickness fissure of my rh patella, bone marrow bruising and a bakers cyst… run like a Kenyan, break like a white girl. Not too far into the run, my knee feels fine… is this what birds feel like when freed from their cages? Humidity is at approximately 200%, sweating balls, doing any land based activity after 7am is questionable. The path (aka road) has a few unexpected inclines. The locals are friendly and welcoming, always waving and saying hello (except that old lady who gave me the stink eye when I smiled at her). Drenched and muddy, I’d clocked an easy 6kms. Add another 10-20kms and I’ll be back on track.

At sunset, clouds overhead, resemble the coral formations below. A glorious farewell, to another glorious days diving Malapascua.

Saturday is party night on the island and for completing my Nitrox course, I’m the recipient of a ceremonial “shark bite” shot (divers will create any excuse to drink but it tasted like jelly beans and I loved it). More noteworthy, are the games played for the new dive masters initiation! Yes, they involved drinking through a snorkel, blindfolds and Joss.

The A Team leave in the morning. I bid them farewell and have an early(ish) night to attend tomorrow’s Thresher Shark dive. I too am scheduled to leave the island at some stage tomorrow… haven’t confirmed anything. The joys of solo travel. Go where you want, when you want, how you want 🖕🏾Occasionally I think a travel companion would be fun, but, nah.


More smiles and thresher shark sightings on this mornings dive. Weather is clearing up. Debating on staying… would be a shame to waste a sunny day on a bus, in transit to my next destination. There’s a typhoon forecast for Tuesday which increases the probability of becoming trapped on the island and lessens the chance of fulfilling my second objective for this trip (meeting up with a recent fling)… f*ck it. It’s done. Locked and loaded for another night on Malapascua. Celebrating the first laxed day since arriving over drinks with a German couple. Next thing I remember is waking up in my hostel… with so much to do, eating is low on the list of priorities… I’m just so god damn thirsty, “can somebody get me a drink?”.

Rn, contemplating deleting SM, shutting off all outside contact, taking up residency on the island, becoming a dive master and assuming my new identity as, “KiKi”, retired stripper and full time Peter Panner.

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