Au Revoir Aurevoir

See ya Moalboal, I’ll be back.

Our tuk tuk to the bus stop had me in deep thought about this country’s infrastructure. The most apt way to describe 80% of the roads in the Philippines, is to draw the comparison between my romantic relationships and what dating is like… unsealed, puddle n pothole strewn off road trails, designed to bottom out scooters, leaving you feeling a little violated and thankful to come out the other side with your life. A hell of a ride, depending on the weather, and occasionally worth enduring for the end destination.

His lips touched mine, one final time. “Au Revoir” he said. I avoid eye contact, turn around quickly replying, “Aurevoir”, as I Craig David (walk away) outta the airport and the situation. This time, I didn’t look, let alone run back for seconds like our last goodbye. What was once a colourful Cairns memory, now faded to Filipino black and white. Death by disinterest and a short period of distance. Some things aren’t made to last. Some things aren’t even there to begin with… merely mirages.

My flight to Manila is delayed and I may miss my flight back to Brisbane. The plane ride outta Cebu is about as stable as my hand trying to apply eyeliner after a big night out. Shaky at best.

Debrief: So I wanted to live, really live, dive where I’d dreamed, seize an opportunity, to be unashamedly bold, forsaking pride and power, taking a chance and making the choice, not to run away from, but to run towards what scares me most (a loaf of bread?). The result… For me, now I knew and wouldn’t wonder.

It’s not the first or last time I pour effort into something or someone who turns out to be less than initially advertised, at least I took the time to find out. The difference between what people say and what they do, is the best way to determine who they are. Trusting in words on a screen, affording them the power to comfort and to cut you… dangerous. It’s the face to face, in the flesh exchanges society and SM is stripping away, that truly enrich our lives and enrich my travels. To all those I’ve met, who’ve shared time, space and connections… Thank you.

Whether you invest time, money, emotion, energy, theres no guarantee you’ll get a favourable return, yet, as the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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