Getting outta Giza

18 April

The better part of my day was wasted in an attempt to book the next leg of my trip. Weighing up the time vs cost between travelling via planes and buses. My predisposal to indecision is not assisting. Neither is this ornamental wifi. Despite being an earth sign, I feel dried up on land, desperate to be in the ocean and out of the city.

Walking down the street, I hear a cringe worthy “kissy noise” or a local mating call. This sound is accompanied by the image a young Egyptian male hanging out the door of a moving bus, extending his arm out, pointing at me as the bus drives off. Choreography direct from a Backstreet Boys music video. Smooth.

Ala and I have dinner and head out for one last snack run together (Only 3 days in the country and I’m practically an Egyptian snack conissuier). Ala and I had forged an instant bond, sharing many a deep conversation and a mutual disregard for the Egyptian male behaviour. I was grateful for the company & companion. It’s midnight, which is my queue to leave the hotel, say goodbye to my new friend Ala and head to the bus station for my next destination, Hurghada.

Imagine you’re a passenger in a game of Mario Cart. That was my midnight taxi ride to the bus station in Cairo.

The over night bus isn’t bad, considering there’s children, it’s approximately a 6 hour trip and the seats are less comfortable than a plane.

Drawing back the curtain on the bus window, off in the distance, a large fire burns on the sand (defs not bodies). The fire ball in the sky joins, illuminating the ocean and desert coast. The Red Sea, Egypt; where opposites meet. Desert and ocean.

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