Hurghada… just add water

20 April

Time out and Turkish baths/ Egyptian Spa experience today.

The preparation begins with a sauna, a shower, steam room, and another shower before being laid on a large, heated, granite bench for a soapy basting. Laying face down, the heat from the granite bed beneath radiates through me. Hot damn. Reprieve, as cold water is ladled from head to toe and a full body scrub. The final step, being encapsulated in a cocoon of soapy suds, giving the sensation of being naked and weightless. Some time passes, my therapist Sa-Ma removes the soapy cocoon using the most curious of objects in a side to side motion… a long cheese cloth baton filled with air; a Hamam Foam Bag (similar to a balloon). Flip over, repeat process, and finish with a massage. Whoa. There’s such thing as water boarding or water torture… This my darling, is water pleasure. It was a sexy, sensory experience… a Cleopatrian baptism of sorts.

Back on course for tomorrow with diving booked for the next couple of days.

21 – 22 April

Today was Earth Day. In celebration, I spent it with a group of divers from my dive centre, collecting rubbish from the ocean floors. It was nice to be part of something worthwhile (even if that meant freezing my tits off… yeh, the Red Sea is not red hot, it’s ice cold).

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