Deadset Daedalus

29 April

Damn Daedalus! Waking at the most anticipated dive site for the trip, I’m in shock at the number of boats moored here. It’s a dive liveaboard boat party (like Yacht week in Croatia but everyone is wearing 5-7mm wetsuits and fins).

Daedalus Reef is located approximately 90km’s off of Marsa Alam. A standalone coral reef spanning around 400 meters long and 100 meters wide. A small island in the center of the reef hosts an iconic lighthouse. Four people live/ work on the island on a 60 day roster. We’re even able to visit the small island and climb the lighthouse. It’s a phenomenal view from the top.

This is the best wifi in town

Three Daedalus dives and the biggest predator we see, is man/ divers. Many divers! A 36 metre drop at my deepest… (Really need to watch my limits and be a more responsible buddy). “What’s the best thing you saw diving today?”, I ask the Italian. He replies, “the best thing I saw diving today, was you”. Smooth. Ya killing me buddy. Pretty sure this is only because we didn’t see any dolphins or mantas.

Cracked open the bottle of gin purchased in Port Ghalib to find it’s the least botanical gin I’ve drank to date. Not a good drop. Out here, alcohol is alcohol.

The Italian and I watch our second boat sunset. Sipping on a drink/ ethanol, receiving a shoulder massage by hand and a neck massage by mouth. How did this even happen? Being quickly and unintentionally catapulted into coupledom #boatbf

Martin brings out the Cognac post dinner. First night he had us drinking tequila, now Cognac. He’s the spirit of this boat.

Martin as a Meerkat pictured above

Another evening gazing at the Egyptian sky. To keep the Italian at a distance, I retire to my cabin to sleep in solitude once more… feeling conflicted. A holiday romance, especially with a European, could be like entering into an emotional pyramid scheme 🤔

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