Champagne. Let it flow.

6 May

I’m in the city of love, and I ain’t got none. What I do have, is a never ending supply of pastries. Glorious, carb loaded, buttery (and bad news for my once lean figure), pastries. Oh my, France, you temptress.

Paris is easy to get overwhelmed by. Museums, monuments, architecture, museums, Moulin Rouge. As an artist, former dancer and lover of all that embodies beauty and creativity, most would expect me to be pacing halls of galleries and museums. My appreciation of Paris is more personal. I’m not a fan of lining up, paying to get in somewhere to contribute to the hundreds of other photo ruining tourists. Ultra cringe. An exception was made for Sainte Chapelle.

Gothic art at its finest, the Sainte Chapelle is located on the Ile de la Cité, in close proximity to the now charred Notre-Dame Cathedral (at the time of writing this, the tourist circuit staple Notre-Dame was closed for construction after an unfortunate incident involving a fire occurring in March 2019…. Paris is/was burning). The Sainte Chapelle was built upon the order of King Saint-Louis in the 12th century to house Christ’s Crown of Thorns. What distinguishes this holy monument from others is the 600 m² of remarkably spellbinding stained-glass windows. Pictures below…

Tonight I’m going to see a show at Crazy Horse. For those who are wondering, Crazy Horse provides a more contemporary and erotic version of the shows at Moulin Rouge (in my opinion).Into the night I go for some pre show gallivanting and gluttony at local restaurant Chez Francois. Here I consume my first Mojito in Paris. I wish I could spend more time drinking it in… Paris, and the Mojito. My visit, like the rate I consume the Mojito, is quick. Too quick.

At Chez Francios, I’m provided with an enviable view of the Eiffel Tower, under the comfort of heaters hot enough to warrant the removal of my two coats and scarf. The Eiffel Tower is a sexy lighthouse on land. A giant Pied Piper. It mesmerises and enchants the masses. Stopping traffic, time and troubles. It’s an architectural erection and everyone wants to be in and around it. How can a structure be more commanding and alluring than man/ woman. Powerful stuff.

Sitting back absorbing the street life and busyness around me, I felt a stillness I hadn’t had since being underwater (Probably the Mojito kicking in). The server at Chez Francoi complements one of my rings. “Thank you, it’s from Egypt. It was actually a men’s ring. I had it resized”. The Frenchmen are masters of charm, using simple, yet effective techniques to disarm and draw women/ men in.

At Crazy Horse, I’m seated directly in front of the stage for… “full frontal” viewing (no recording or photos allowed). Coats are exchanged for bottles of champagne and all that’s left to do is kick back, throw back (the drinks) and enjoy. The performance is worth the money. Tasteful, and entertaining erotica. The clock strikes midnight…. Parisian ways. Stay up late, wake up late, eat buttery pastries… champagne flows like water… I kinda vibe this place.

7 May

Tonight I fly home to Australia and I’m keen to spend more time strolling the streets before then. Browsing in a souvenir store, I acquire a new accessory… Just like that, my Australian, straw, wide brim hat got binned for a raspberry beret… the kind you find in a secondhand store (but it cost 8 euro, the price flirted down from 10).

Wandering by a restaurant a waiter looks at me and says, “bonjour. Magnifique”. “Merci” I reply. Two drinks under my belt and feeling cute.

At a street-side vendor, I buy my first (and last) French crepe. Delicious! Really chipping away at the bucket list.

People watching in Paris, two lovers share a passionate embrace in the street ahead of me. Eh, it’s Paris, so I join in…. Jk, I keep walking.

Reflecting on my trip, I’ve achieved a lot in the last month… my body now resembles a cross between a falafel and a croissant… a primary example of goals achieved. From pyramids, passion, Paris and everything in between. It’s never enough and once again, I’m left wanting more. As Britney Spears once sang, “Gimme, gimme, more. Gimme more. Gimme, gimme MORE

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