The temperature was far more paletable this morning (still cold af). During my morning run, the sun rose, illuminating cactus covered mountains and surrounding saltscapes.

Packed and onwards to Uyuni, we drive out of the dust, onto an ocean of white… a glistening blanket of salt encrusted diamonds, as far as the eye can see.

It’s a foreign planet, a new world, a blank canvas, still, open and awaiting. The landscape speaks to me, honest and uncomplicated in its beauty, providing the kind of intimacy only isolation and zero wifi can provide. How somewhere so vastly desolate can inspire me so, I do not know.

A place so flat, you’d question if the world were round.Uyuni… She’s a salty bitch and that’s how we like her. Now back to laundry, wifi and the land of the so called living.

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