La Paz Leggo


From Sucre, we catch a night bus to La Paz.

Early breakfast at Cafe Del Mundo is delicious, now to wait for check in. Three Scottish lasses and I ride the cable cars over La Paz City. The cable cars are a giant scenic amusement ride and at $7bob, it’s the best money we’ve spent so far.

placeholder://On the way back to the hotel, we detour through the Witches Markets. Besides textiles, ponchos and jewellery etc, you can find dried llama foetuses, frogs, snakes and herbs used for rituals and traditional remedies.

Fun fact: Dried llama foetuses are buried in foundations of new buildings as an offering to the goddess Pachamama (Mother Earth) and it’s believed this offering called cha’lla, is for protection, good luck and prosperity for the residents and builders. Note the baby foetuses are only used if born dead or after a miscarriage.

2 hours in La Paz and I managed to smash my iPhone screen so badly, shards of glass were getting caught in my finger tips. Twas necessary to address this issue pronto. Too bad the majority of La Paz run on Samsung and android phones. I google iPhone shops and follow a map, deep into the markets of La Paz…. to a non existent shop! Fuck! Rain starts… the rain drops are heavy… because they’re ice. After about 7 sets of broken Spanglish directions, I find a shop to replace my iphone screen (the letters for shop sign are made of a cardboard, similar to a grade 5 project). Cut to, 3 hours and $400bob later, I’m reunited with my smartphone #wholeagain.

Checkin opens at the hotel. My new roommate is none other than Elvar. Luckily, because the room is cold and has no heater. After the night bus and my phone screen mission, I’m keen to nap.

Light creeps through the closed curtain in the room. As the chest under my head rises and falls, dejavue. I’ve been here before, maybe in a dream… It’s a nice reality, for now.

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