Copacabana y Cusco

Early morning bus out of La Paz to Copacabana…

At Copacabana, I take a speed boat (the boat travelled the speed of someone doing backstroke on a bad day… and we ran out of petrol at one point) to cruise over to Isle Del Sol. Nice view and cute walk, but not worth doing tbh. Highlight was the beach donkeys and meeting some fellow travellers like Josh, who is travelling to Arequipa. Josh is a freelance video editor from NZ and all round good guy. Shakkas y mucho gusto Josh (if you’re reading this).

After Copacabana, I say goodbye to Bolivia and cross the boarder into Peru. A quick stop off at Puno for a Pisco Sour and dinner with Josh n co, before the night bus to Cusco.

These Bolivia/ Peru Hop buses are brilliant! Travelling to most of the major cities/ attractions (Gringo trail), they’re cheap-ish, offer a door to door service and have blankets, so you won’t freeze to death on those overnight journeys.

Finally, I’m in Cusco. Cusco is Peru’s Basecamp for all who plan to see MachuPicchu and/ or undertake treks (Inca trail, Lares, Salkantay etc). Besides trekking, there’s whitewater rafting, Rainbow Mountain and various other activities to partake in (plus a chocolate museum). I’ve arrived on the cusp of Peru Independence Day celebrations. Red and white everywhere. Flags, balloons and streamers decorate parks, streets and places of business.

Cusco is big city, with a small town feel. I like it here. Peruvian people are lovely… Peruvian prices, are not! This place is hurting my bank account though. Food is expensive and so are activities.

Now to trekking. Deciding on what trek to do was not hard. Some things I considered:

    The Inca trail is booked out for the rest of the year and doesn’t interest me…
    The Lares trek, shorter and I know a few people from my previous tour will be doing it; or
    The Salkantay trek… longer, more challenging and offering the opportunity to see Huamantay Lake. Sold.

The next day, my new hostel pal Jack and I do a walking tour. There was too much talking and not enough walking for my liking, so I bailed out.

At night I catch up with a few of the old Bolivia crew. Seeing the Scots, Iz, Nadine and Elvar again is nice. Others aren’t as happy to see me again πŸ˜‚πŸ–•πŸΎ

Tomorrow, the real Peru adventure begins… Giddy.

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