Cusco and crapping myself

The morning post Machupicchu and Salkantay was off to a good start. Waking instantly to something warm on my thigh, I realised, I had indeed shat myself. Moving at high speed from the bed, to the bathroom… no alarm ever got me out of bed this fast. I spent the next 20 minutes in the shower, contemplating life post Salkantay and washing away my morning troubles.

Was very much looking to seeing a few of my old tour pals when they returned from their treks today. Despite being sick, I still partied at Muma Africa’s and Changa that night, making the most of the opportunity to see some familiar faces.

My next stop would be Arequipa to visit Colca Canyon. Currently there are a lot of issues getting in and out of Arequipa. A recent mining approval for the area passed by the Peruvian government outraged the residents of Arequipa causing them to strike, block roads and protest. Riots and strikes and bus cancellations… serious stuff. With that information, I opt to take a 1 hour flight tomorrow.

Saying goodbye to Elvar and the group once more, I wished them safe travels. “See you in Arequipa”, yelled Rhys. Crazy Scot.

There was more to this story when I got to Arequipa… some of it good, some of it funny, some of it bad and some of it sad. One person I got closest to, chose to cut all contact. An ending that could’ve been sweet, now turned sour. I was seen as an outsider to the tour group I used to be part of. Ultimately, you can’t control how others treat you. All good things come to an end and some things maybe weren’t even that good to begin with. Tour groups are giant social experiments, similar to reality TV. People voluntarily stuck in a controlled environment. To those who I made genuine connections with (The Swisse and Scottish), who didn’t see including me or spending time with me after La Paz as some kind of “crime against the tour group”, thank you, for being real and seeing the bigger picture/ reality. Special mention to Bertha & Ralph, (Bethan & Rhys’s drunk alter ego’s) for making me laugh at a time where all I wanted to do was cry.

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