Huaca for the weekend (plus Paracas)

In the desert Oasis of Huacachina, there isn’t much to do besides ride on a dune buggy, sand board and watch the sunset from the top of the sand dunes… if you’re staying at the Wild Rover hostel, you get the additional option to party by the poolside.

Huaca is on the gringo trail, meaning there is a high turn over of tourists getting churned through the tiny town, with visitors typically spending a maximum of 2 days here, if that.

Frank, Alex and I check in to the Rover and praise our successful escape from Arequipa.

89% sure I have broken a rib from my incessant coughing. Am in a world of pain 😩 Breathing, lying down and coughing (all common activities being undertaken rn) feel as if I’m constantly getting stabbed in a street fight. Loving life.We get drinks at a local store and hike the dunes for sunset. Hiking a sand dune is almost poetic, reflecting life as a know it… two steps forward, one step back… constantly slipping, making getting to the top that little bit sweeter.

A staff member at the Rover makes numerous attempts to get us to stay and work for a couple of weeks. I’ve already been in this place for too long.

Tonight is a vampires and unicorns party. This vampire doesn’t party for too long… not like Frank, who can be heard decorating our dorm bathroom with vomit the next morning. Too much pisco. Frank does warn Alex and I that he’s a little bitch when he’s hungover… and he’s not joking.

Alex changes hostels where she picks up a new pal, Sheenie, to join our journey to Paracas (less than 1 hr away).

Sheenie is a fellow solo traveller from Australia, has just finished a fling with a lovely 20 yo German and knows some random and essential phrases in various languages… for example, in Dutch, she taught me, “het leven is een feest” which means “life is a party”.

Three of us cram into a tuk tuk to the bus station… it’s a sardine situation.

Before we know it, we’re in Paracas… Dubbed, “the poor mans Galapagos”, Paracas doesn’t have much to offer besides a scenic boat ride to see marine wildlife, two dealers, a national park and for the 2 nights we spend there, no sunshine.

The second night in Paracas is to avoid going to Lima at the same time as someone else and for the girls, it’s to recover from the big night we had on arrival… The first night involved happy hour, a bottle of rum, a mission, a deck of cards and sitting in a boat on the beach til 3:30am with a couple of Israeli bar tender acquaintances, Ron and Alon (and some other random French, Venezuelan local dudes who look at you a bit like prey).Paracas also gifts me my first experience with bed bugs. Not impressed… by bed bugs or Paracas.

Our girl gang bang ends with Sheenie and I on a bus heading to Huaraz via Lima and Alex going to Cusco. “See you in Máncora”, Alex says. She’s been plugging that place since I met her and is trying to get everyone fun we meet to go there. I was tempted to go with Alex to Cusco and see the Dutchies again but I need to get closer to Ecuador.

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