Breaking borders

Waking to the sound of waves caressing the sweet sands of Máncora, I go for my final Peru run. During which, I find 5 soles on the road. It’s a good day.

Hauling ass to Ecuador. Cutting it fine for a 10am departure, I’m powering to the bus station. Aussie couple, Rhys and Nicola pass me in a tuk tuk and yell out jokingly, “don’t miss the bus”. The bus is an hour late… so who do you think was out buying snacks when the bus rolled through the main street and had to run alongside the bus, into the station? 🙋🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Second run for the morning but most importantly, I didn’t miss the bus. As I said, it’s a good day.

Extensive deliberation has been given to the next part of my journey. Naturally, this has not assisted me in making any decision on where to go or what I do when the bus arrives in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Could be Montañita, could be Galápagos…. Fuck. Meanwhile, the Amazon is burning.

The bus spent 3 hours at the border into from Peru to Ecuador. All passengers had been processed, yet apparently, it’s a day for a Venezuelan influx. I begin to feel a tad light headed… when the bus starts moving, my whole body begins to aches, then comes the headache and hot/ cold flushes (the headache was prob due to the 3 cackling, spanish gossips queens singing and carrying on in front of me). At the Guayaquil bus terminal, my symptoms worsen and getting to the hostel can’t come soon enough.

Day 1 in Ecuador, I book a one way ticket to Galapagos, and begin saying goodbye to my money as the currency in Ecuador is the US dollar… the AUD is almost half the USD… ouch… big, fucking, ouch. May need to fast forward to Colombia sooner than expected.

In the food court at the Guayaquil bus terminal, I contemplate my next move and watch a girl plucking her moustache, as I pretend to half enjoy my 4:30pm lunch. So sick of papas fritas and arroz.

Galapagos bound tomorrow and my return flight back to Australia is still in play for 2 days time… should probably cancel that flight… another job for future Lena.

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