Secret Garden

Cold winter mornings watching Cotopaxi catch the first rays of sunlight… Bathing in beauty.5/09/19

Horseback riding in Cotopaxi National Park. Condors gliding overhead and flying down into a canyon where the fresh, lifeless carcass of a large bull lies.

Cantering in the cold and golden grass plains of Cotopaxi National Park. Cowgirl style.

Sitting on the giant swing, in my blue poncho, thinking about what’s next…. I hear a “Caio bella” and receive a final kiss from Matheo, as he leaves to fly back to London.


Second round Pasachoa hike. Everyone had left for the climb and I was still brushing my teeth, packing my bag and procrastinating. Managed to catch up with the group 20 minutes or more later. Summit reached in 2 hours.

As I’d lost my cap on Galapagos, I was happy to find 2 replacements caps over the side of a cliff at the summit. Yes I climbed down to get them. Only needed one though… Hat count: 2 wide brims, 2 caps and 2 beanies.

Ran down Pasachoa with new pals Phil and Canadian chica, Clémence. They were fast! Got lost again on the way back and deviated vía a path opposite to the designated one (not through a field like the day before last #progress).

The Secret Garden Cotopaxi Hostel is an experience… and like when you fall in love, a little piece remains in your heart and in your memory bank. Leaving that poncho and place behind was difficult… knowing it had granted me the opportunity to meet so many cool people, was a fair trade.

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