Montañita mas


Reversing out of the bus terminal in Cuenca, we give a fellow bus a “love tap”. Literally every bus I’ve been on in Ecuador has reversed into another bus. Travelling from Cuenca to Guayaquil, inbound to the coastal party town, Montanita. Team Ecuador would assemble again. Queue Justin Bieber song references courtesy of Dave and his embarrassing love of the Beibs.

On the bus, the recent Fast & The Furious movie is playing… listening to my music, as it’s in Spanish (so nfi what’s being said) watching The Rock and Jason Statham in completely plausible action scenarios…. Hilarious. Would recommend… better yet, get baked and try it!

A day of busing ends. I’ve reached my destination… MONTANITA! Renowned for fiesta y surfing, the smell of weed wafts through the air like freshly baked bread. It’s disarming. People aren’t constantly harassing you for taxi’s… instead: Empanadas, weed, cocaine? My improved version of this would include mojitos, ponchos and hats. Super chill.

At Hidden House Hostel, Clémence and I are in seperate dorms for a change. I’m sharing a dorm with Marika (German, 6th year med student), Jake (Aussie, paramedic, living in London and travelling for 7 months so far), Fransisco (cute architect from Portugal) & Jorge (long hair, loves sleeping late and partying til midday).

Marika invites us to join for food and drinks. First, mojitos, at the end of our road… Oh man, they are goooooood. Then, the most amazing, garlicy kebab and mas, mas mojitos. The fiesta doesn’t get going til late in Montanita… some might say it never stops (can confirm it does stop with Sunday and Tuesday nights being too quiet and many of da clubs being shut).

Drinking at the hostel, it’s not even 3 minutes and everything necessary for partying is at your fingertips. No searching or shady dark alleys. Try before you buy, walk away, no more to pay. This place is kinda woke like that. At midnight, the hostel guests hit the town, pouring themselves onto sandy dance floors held at various bars and clubs… myself included.

Regatón, sweat and foam machines.3:30-4am Jake, Marika, Fransisco and I head back to someone else’s hostel on the outskirts of town. Clémence had a better offer. Fransisco and I play pool while the others head to the beach. We should’ve just gone home… not a bad effort. HSM.


Sleeping for a good portion of the day, a few of us venture to nearby town of Olon, for some comida and a long, romantic walk on the beach. Lea and Noah (German brother and sister travelling for 1 month) join our Montanita mob. The more the merrier.


Montañita madness on a Monday.

Tonight, it’s goodbye to Team Ecuador, as Dave and Naomi head South to Peru and Clémence, leaves to Quito, to catch a plane back to Montreal. Will miss meeting up with them everywhere. We jelled well… another goodbye I don’t wanna be apart of.

Turning down the reggaetón and turning up the techno, the German girls and I head to the Lost Beach Club. I end up with the Canadians I hitch hiked with in Quito and roll in at 6:30am from a rave cave in da club… (yes all remaining patrons of Lost Beach Club are shuffled into a cave, to save us from approaching daylight approaching at around 4am… kinda like vampires).

Being winter, the weather isn’t amazing in Montanita rn and the abundance of mosquitos is no bueno. That being said, the new little family I’d made whilst in Montanita (pictured) and the chill vibes made up for it. Hat count: 1 beanie (new owner of beanie 2 pictured below), 1 cap, 2 wide brims. P.s: Here are some pictures below of what can be seen at Puerto Lopez, a short trip from Montanita.

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