27 April - 5 May 2020 - After weeks of watching people’s insta feeds go from Hoe, to wholesome, I finally give in... and bake carrot cake muffins. Flavour is great... tad on the dry side. Not v moist. Disappointing... like the COVID dating scene (fine, COVID has nada to do with that). In other... Continue Reading →

Eso es iso

20-26 April 2020 - Ppl say, “we’re all in this together” but what about the ppl that are literally in COVID alone? How many crazy cat lady death scenarios are about to be realised? Of course alone is a state of mind... but being devoid of human touch and face to face interaction... not being... Continue Reading →

Wfh or wfp

14-17 April 2020 - How is working from home going? Well, just great, except it’s no longer working from home, it’s wfp.... (Work from fucking prison). Some government 5G bat meat eating conspiracy/ experiment in China somehow managed to convert my sacred luxey safe sanctuary, into a salt sprayed cell of isolation. Miserable with a... Continue Reading →

Wfh – Week 2 & a COVID mission

6-10 April 2020 - Not driving to work lessens the possibility of hearing COVID related news via radio, allowing me to keep a more resilient frame of mind. Travelling to work takes all of 30 seconds. Roll out of bed, open laptop, hunch over kitchen bench, make phone calls, consider brushing hair. Efficiencies, have been... Continue Reading →

Wfh – Ma ma my Corona… virus

9-20 March 2020 - As a contingency to contain and stop the spread of the Corona virus, half of our team have been instructed to wfh and/ or other office locations. One week we’re all in the office, using hand sanitiser as water, enjoying the never ending supply of toilet paper... the next, it’s goodbye... Continue Reading →

Destination Corona / COVID 19

Ok so, I don’t own a tv, I don’t have Facebook and rly give very few fucks about what goes on in the media but, there’s this virus that’s being spread, to combat climate change and it’s killing a lot of ppl, causing economic havoc and closing down international travel. It’s started some other weird... Continue Reading →

Lessons learned

Replying with "Si, claro" to any Spanish speaking situation works 90% of the time, every time (I think... but as my Spanish is malo to nada, it's hard to verify this statement). Bananas don't carry well... like my feelings, they get squashed easily. Eggs... also not great to travel with. Protein and 3 sides of... Continue Reading →

Cusco round 2

Two flights, 3 countries and 24 hours later, I arrived in Cusco, for a 50 day in the making reunion with two of my most treasured. Entering the hostel, still dressed for Colombia, the first person I see is a guy I met in Costeno! Small travel world. The hostel reception leads into a large... Continue Reading →

San Andres

13/11/19 I flew from Santa Marta to Bogotá but, I didn't end up getting the flight to San Andres as planned.... Instead, I spent the night in luxurious Bogotá airport, due to some special island tax I couldn’t pay as my credit card wouldn’t work on the airlines dodgy machine (used the card 5 minutes... Continue Reading →


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