Montañita mas

14/09/19 Reversing out of the bus terminal in Cuenca, we give a fellow bus a "love tap". Literally every bus I've been on in Ecuador has reversed into another bus. Travelling from Cuenca to Guayaquil, inbound to the coastal party town, Montanita. Team Ecuador would assemble again. Queue Justin Bieber song references courtesy of Dave... Continue Reading →

Baños y Cuenca

Bańos. Translated from Spanish to English, means, toilet. There is so much dog shit in the streets, the dogs certainly consider it a toilet... Bańos has many thermal springs, zip lining, rafting, waterfalls and a giant swing on a hill (for ppl to take their perfect insta photo tbh). Team Ecuador (the new name for... Continue Reading →

Quilotoa Loop

Day 1 LATACUNGA (bag drop) - BUS TO SIGCHOS > HIKE TO ISINLIVI Dave, Naomi, Clémence and I travelled from Secret Garden Cotopaxi and caught a bus to Latacunga, where we stayed a night, and left our bags, to began the Quilatoa Loop. The bus to Sigchos was off to a promising start, having made... Continue Reading →

Secret Garden

Cold winter mornings watching Cotopaxi catch the first rays of sunlight... Bathing in beauty.5/09/19 Horseback riding in Cotopaxi National Park. Condors gliding overhead and flying down into a canyon where the fresh, lifeless carcass of a large bull lies. Cantering in the cold and golden grass plains of Cotopaxi National Park. Cowgirl style. Sitting on... Continue Reading →

Quito to Cotopaxi

2/09/19 The night is spent at Secret Garden Hostel, in Quito. I'd read Quito was the most beautiful cities in Ecuador. The view from the rooftop at the hostel indicates it is indeed beautiful. Another semi colonial/ Spanish influenced city. Still, appreciation where appreciation is due. Tomorrow, I travel to Cotopaxi, for nature and a... Continue Reading →

Santa Cruzing

Santa Cruz is the bigger and busier of the Galápagos Islands... More touristic, giant tortoises, sea lions, plenty of diving and a tad more social. Sitting at the back of a 2 hour water taxi has me absolutely drenched. A short walk and I'm at hostel Crossman. I've booked here purely because it's semi central... Continue Reading →

Galápagos – San Cristóbal

A bucket list destination for nature lovers and divers alike, the Galápagos Islands is my next stop. A wave of excitement as the reality sets in... I'm going to a place some people only dream of visiting. The plan is to try and sway a last minute bargain deal for a dive liveaboard. So far,... Continue Reading →

Breaking boarders

Waking to the sound of waves caressing the sweet sands of Máncora, I go for my final Peru run. During which, I find 5 soles on the road. It's a good day. Hauling ass to Ecuador. Cutting it fine for a 10am departure, I'm powering to the bus station. Aussie couple, Rhys and Nicola pass... Continue Reading →


From Trujillo, I catch a night bus to Máncora. Sheenie was detouring to find volunteer work elsewhere... until we reached Trujillo, and the weather forecast for elsewhere was shitty. Incoming, Máncora. Máncora is a small, touristy, beach town, on the coast of northern Peru. There isn't much to do, besides surf, kite surf, swim and... Continue Reading →

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