Fresh to Death Road

The most highly anticipated activity to undertake when in La Paz, is to ride 'Death Road'... that is, if you're an adrenaline junkie or enjoy downhill mountain biking. Tick and tick. Made by Paraguayan prisoners in the 1930's, 'Death Road’ climbs to around 4,650 metres and stretches 64kms, from La Paz, to Coroico. Narrow, sharp... Continue Reading →

La Paz Leggo

23/07/19 From Sucre, we catch a night bus to La Paz. Early breakfast at Cafe Del Mundo is delicious, now to wait for check in. Three Scottish lasses and I ride the cable cars over La Paz City. The cable cars are a giant scenic amusement ride and at $7bob, it's the best money we've... Continue Reading →

Sucre Secrets

20/07/19 Funny thing about tours, is that sometimes, there isn't a turtle neck or scarf big enough to keep everyone's secrets, a secret. A couple of tour hookups are providing mild entertainment for the group. Journeying by bus onto Sucre, another small town with less hills, less altitude and a majority population under the age... Continue Reading →

Beyond Uyuni to Potosi

At the foot of the Cerro de Potosí (referred to as the Cerro Rico or rich mountain) lies Potosi. There's not too much to be said about the small town of Potosi. The basis of its existence, due to the silver mine, founded in 1545, producing around 60% of the worlds silver in the latter... Continue Reading →


The temperature was far more paletable this morning (still cold af). During my morning run, the sun rose, illuminating cactus covered mountains and surrounding saltscapes. Packed and onwards to Uyuni, we drive out of the dust, onto an ocean of white... a glistening blanket of salt encrusted diamonds, as far as the eye can see.... Continue Reading →


Chile - Bolivia (Ollagüe - Estación Avaroa) Ascending by bus into the mountains, we enter into Bolivia to begin a 3 day 4x4 adventure across the desert to the famous Uyuni Salt Flats.Highlights for Day 1 - Stunning blue and pink lagoons, thermal pool swims and venturing over 4000 meters above sea level. Our lodging... Continue Reading →

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