Vitamin D & the C

In my world, a 5:45am wake up is less than ideal... Not so bad when your back yard is the Great Barrier Reef and I'm in the water for a pre breakfast deep dive. Visibility is great today, however, for every dive site I've been to here, seeing the amount of bleached and dead coral is... Continue Reading →

Into the blue

My day begins a little earlier than I'd prefer. My mate Woodsy, who has moved to Cairns for work, graciously drives me to Divers Den in Cairns city, to commence my next adventure, my advanced open water dive course. From the dive shop, I'm hustled into a van filled filled with backpackers and shuttled down... Continue Reading →

Taking the leap

It's Thursday night at the Brisbane Airport. I'm waiting to catch my delayed flight to Cairns when I hear an announcement, "The Brisbane airport has increased security measures. Please ensure you report any suspicious behaviour or items".... That's a broad directive... If I was to take it seriously, I'd be reporting the burger I just ate, myself... Continue Reading →

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