Au Revoir Aurevoir

See ya Moalboal, I'll be back. Our tuk tuk to the bus stop had me in deep thought about this country's infrastructure. The most apt way to describe 80% of the roads in the Philippines, is to draw the comparison between my romantic relationships and what dating is like... unsealed, puddle n pothole strewn off... Continue Reading →

Moalboallers and Sardines, Uncanned

Observing a disconcerting number of unattractive older men with young Filipino "companions" at breakfast, I couldn't help but wonder... Was I staying at a brothel? Overcast yet quietly optimistic about today, my dive centre confirms the ban is lifted. Diving is back on. Let's open this can of sardines already (is probs what most cats... Continue Reading →

A divine intervention

My first day in Moalboal is rainy and overcast. The ongoing threat of the typhoon has a good portion of the Philippines on high alert. Cancelled flights and ferries have left thousands stranded and sadly, all diving for today is cancelled too! Coast Guards on foot, with guns, patrol the beaches, telling snorkelers to exit... Continue Reading →

SEAS the day

Early to rise, the dorm is quiet. My last morning run in Malapascua. A little girl starts running beside me. She asks, “where are you going?”. It was a good question... one that remains unanswered. Splashes of purple amongst the lush green foliage triggers memories of my Grandma. She’s everywhere. In the coral, on the... Continue Reading →

Do I stay or do I go?

17/11/18 Slept through my alarm this morning, missing my second thresher shark dive... tbh, I didn't set an alarm. I'd been operating on only a few hours sleep a night for the last week and needed some extra zzzz's. As per my physio's orders, I'm going to attempt my first real run since February after... Continue Reading →

Dive right in

Waking at 4am, it’s pitch black. The room is basic. A bed, pedestal fan & cold shower. Everything I need and not a single luxury more. To make full use of the time in Malapascua, I took to the streets (sandy paths/ patches of concrete) last night in search of a dive centre (no shortage... Continue Reading →

Flying, falling & finding Malapascua

When faced with death or unwelcome endings, it’s a reminder to take some time, get tf out, and go live. This time round, to grieve my late grandma and give in to impulse, I’m ticking a destination off of my dive bucket list. Namely, the island of Malapascua, in the Philippines. Well known by avid... Continue Reading →

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