Play on Playa (Del Carmen)

Play on Playa (Del Carmen)Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico Merida to Playa Del Carmen via "Chichen Itza" aka chicken schnitzel. I'm not going to bother writing about Chichen Itza. It was over run with tourists, locals pushing their wares. The hotel bed in Playa has an envelope on it "perfect,... Continue Reading →

Cenotes, take note

Mérida, Mexico Woke up, was sick with Mex belly and went for a run. Managed to get lost in the sweaty Merida streets for over 7kms (captured some of it on Strava). I was so delirious, I even ran past the hotel, not realising it was the hotel. Fitness fail. We're visiting some cenotes (google... Continue Reading →

Melting in Merida

Melting in MeridaEjido del Centro, Mexico Ejido del Centro, Mexico 9 hours on a night bus later, I'm in Merida. Merida is not like the other places I've been... While its central to travel to some Cenotes and ruins, it's a hot and steamy town with little appeal to me. The hotel has a pool,... Continue Reading →

Palenque jungle fever

Palenque jungle feverPalenque, Mexico Palenque, Mexico Welcome to the jungle and the Palenque ruins. These ruins are scattered throughout the rainforest, perched on mountain tops with low lying clouds hugging the forest canopy. Howler monkeys can be seen playing in the treetops. There are two parts of these ruins. One part of the ruin is... Continue Reading →

San Cristobal to Palenque

San Cristobal to Palenque Palenque, Mexico Palenque, Mexico It's pitch black when we leave San Cristobal this morning. We're trying to get through road blocks and avoid tolls etc on our way to Palenque. Our drivers name is Manwell. The "well" part of his name does not describe his driving. Manwell enjoys potholes, driving in... Continue Reading →

San Cristobal – Days 1&2

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico The streets of San Cristobal are what I imagine old world Europe to be like. Charming and filled with life. Walking down the stone roads, adorned with cafes, musicians and artists selling their wares... This is a place, I could belong. Saturday, we take a trip during the day... Continue Reading →

Two days in Oaxaca

Oaxaca, Mexico The next two days are spent roaming free in the streets with my new pal and roommate, Emily. I don't tell her she's my pal though in fear of rejection... This woman is as sarcastic as they come and I may have met my match in the tough love stakes. The first place... Continue Reading →

Oaxaca unrest

Oaxaca, Mexico This morning I say goodbye to Puebla and get a bus to Oaxaca (pronounced Wah-hucka). Before boarding the bus, I'm stoked to see Mexican Lionel Richie too #blessed What was supposed to be a 5 hour bus ride, ended up being over 6 hours, due to the main route into Oaxaca being blocked... Continue Reading →

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