San Andres

13/11/19 I flew from Santa Marta to Bogotá but, I didn't end up getting the flight to San Andres as planned.... Instead, I spent the night in luxurious Bogotá airport, due to some special island tax I couldn’t pay as my credit card wouldn’t work on the airlines dodgy machine (used the card 5 minutes... Continue Reading →

Costeño finale

Speaking to a girl, Laura, working at the bar, I compliment her on a necklace she wore a few days prior. Later that night, Laura approached me and said, "I have a surprise for you", and handed me the citrine necklace I'd complimented her on. Grateful, I hugged her, totally taken back by the random... Continue Reading →

Costeño y Cali regresa

Watching powerlines dance from the bus window, soon I'd be back home in Costeño. The plan was to go from Cali to San Andres to dive, however, as per usual, I had ended up with a chest infection that inhibited my ability to breathe in without coughing. Yay. (Good news was that my leave had... Continue Reading →

And we found paradise

In the morning, we all paddle out for some waves. What we got, was so much more. Beyond the ocean blue, behind the palm tree lined shores stands snowcapped peaks. Typically, these mountains are hidden by clouds. Billy exclaims, "I've never seen snow before". Bless him. The rest of us were captivated, amazed such opposing... Continue Reading →

Costeño Beached pt 1

Costeño Beach. Surrounded by jungle swamp and coconut palms, at the end of a 1.8km sandy gravel road, Dion, his Argentinian yoga goddess gf Greta, daughter Ori and dog Olaf, welcomed me with sweaty open arms, a bed and bulk introductions. It'd been years since I last saw Dion and longer since I'd seen his... Continue Reading →

Getting outta a bog-ota

Early morning flight from Medellin to Bogotá for an embassy visit. Unsure where to go after my paperwork is sorted, I order an Uber to the airport but change my mind and end up at the bus station. Una boleta to Cali, for a 5 day salsa bender... still no idea if work has approved... Continue Reading →

Keen para Medellin

Between Clare, Anika and I, if you wanted to find us, just follow the trail of shit we've been dribbling... all the way from Cali to Medellin vía Salento. Absolute nonsense. On the hunt for Daddy Yankee appropriate attire, we go to éxito, then a larger mall... all I manage to buy is a thong... Continue Reading →

Cali to Cócora

Highlights of Cali besides salsa include the street food walking tour and the discovery of Mango ceviche. Now for a mass exodus of Viajero Hostel Cali. Sad to see my new amigos go. We know I'm no good at goodbyes, so, it's hasta luego instead. Shifting the focus from sadness, to being grateful for the... Continue Reading →

Cali ente and Ecuador éxit

Venezuelan girl, Línea, is playing pool with Ben. The music stops. All is silent in the hostel until Linea whispers, "I'm soooo high". Ben, who works at the hostel, has been in Quito for 2 years, fleeing Iran due to the threat of certain death. One of the nicest guys you'll meet. The bus journey... Continue Reading →

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