Adios y Viva la Cuba!

Adios y Viva la Cuba! La Habana, Cuba La Habana, Cuba My time in Cuba is at an end. So, some thoughts about Cuba... Boil during the day and sizzle at night, tearing up the dance floors of local establishments with the many willing and able Cuban men (if that's your caper). Ply yourself with... Continue Reading →

Slipping out of Saroa

Slipping out of Saroa Havana, Caribbean Havana, Caribbean Despite drinking ron last night, not setting an alarm and utilising my ear plugs, I wake before 7am. So, I hit the road running before hitting the road rolling. It's 9am I'm heading back to Havana, for my morning flight tomorrow. I start to tear up as... Continue Reading →

Saroa secrets

Saroa secrets Soroa, Caribbean Soroa, Caribbean When the rain ceased yesterday afternoon, I went for a run. When I woke, I went for a run. It's peaceful in Saroa and there is a coolness in the air before the humidity really hits. Saroa is a combination of rainforest, hills and not a lot else. There's... Continue Reading →

Whoa Baracoa – 1.5 days

Whoa Baracoa - 1.5 days Baracoa, Caribbean Baracoa, Caribbean I had planned to climb El Yunque yesterday but no one else turned up to do it and they wouldn't take me alone so, I ended up on a day trip to Humbolt Park. Ahhh El Yunque - The mountain that didn't get mounted. I only... Continue Reading →

Putting the “you” in Yumuri

Putting the "you" in YumuriBaracoa, Caribbean Baracoa, Caribbean Dani is our guide for the day excursion to the Yumuri River. Our transport is an open aired style troop carrier with all the bells and whistles - al la natural air conditioning (breeze) and a speedometer that doesn't exceed 0km's per hour (yes, it's broken). It's... Continue Reading →

Hola Hump day – onto Baracoa

Hola Hump day - onto Baracoa Santiago de Cuba, Caribbean Santiago de Cuba, Caribbean The group seem surprised I don't have a hangover as I hop on the bus... What's surprising is that I have 4 massive new bites on my arm and neck that are extremely swollen and sore. I've now tried drinking the... Continue Reading →


123..567 Victoria de las Tunas, Caribbean Victoria de las Tunas, Caribbean This mornings run only lasted 4.3kms. The tour to the cemetery & barracks lasts a lifetime. It's too much history and not enough action. The one place I did like was castle El Morro, perched on the salty cliffs at the entrance of Santiago... Continue Reading →

Camagüey to Santiago De Cuba

Camagüey to Santiago De Cuba Victoria de las Tunas, Caribbean Victoria de las Tunas, Caribbean The entire day is spent travelling on a bus from Camagüey to Santiago De Cuba. So more fun facts with Olexis. Olexis says Cubans aren't allowed on boats, as they have a tendency to ahhhh... go to America... illegally. The... Continue Reading →

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