On land and leaving Egypt

3 May The boat is moored back at Port Ghalib and I'm on a mission to get a momento of my Egypt trip before flying to London. Browsing for souvenirs, a shop owner asks where I'm from. "Australia", I say. He introduced himself as Abdul and eagerly shakes my hand as he's never met an... Continue Reading →

The Red Sea and me

30 April Waking in a new paradise. During the morning dive I struggle with my buoyancy control, frustrating me to the point of "post dive depression" one might say... Changing out of my wetsuit, I go to my cabin to put on dry clothes before breakfast. New discovery, I have my own "Red Sea" situation...... Continue Reading →

Deadset Daedalus

29 April Damn Daedalus! Waking at the most anticipated dive site for the trip, I'm in shock at the number of boats moored here. It's a dive liveaboard boat party (like Yacht week in Croatia but everyone is wearing 5-7mm wetsuits and fins). Daedalus Reef is located approximately 90km's off of Marsa Alam. A standalone coral... Continue Reading →

E is for Elphinstone

Up early, waiting for a dive store to open to resolve a wetsuit issue, I go for a run. Departing Port Ghalib (finally), dive number one is off the coast of Abu Dabbab. Surprise, the Italian and I are paired as dive buddies and spend 72 minutes below the surface first up! The second dive... Continue Reading →

Land or Sea?

27 April D Day. For now, decisions on where to go during the remainder of my time in Egypt can wait. First, I opt for an activity requiring little decision or planning; a run. Trucks and vehicle drivers wave and blow kisses. One car even stopped, getting out of the car, coming at me holding... Continue Reading →

Aba Dabba Do

Originally the plan was to go to Marsa Alam, approximately 30kms down the road from Abu Dabbab, but I had it on good authority the diving here is superb. Abu Dabbab Dive Lodge is where I’m staying, in a cute wooden cottage. The next day, I dive the house reef. Unfortunately, the dive group has... Continue Reading →

Hurghada to Abu Dabbab

23 April 1:11am in the morning, I wake to a knock at the door. I pretend not to hear it. More knocking. My heart races. What if it’s that guy on reception tonight who I declined lunch with?? All I have as a weapon is a water bottle and the only thing that's a real... Continue Reading →

Hurghada… just add water

20 April Time out and Turkish baths/ Egyptian Spa experience today. The preparation begins with a sauna, a shower, steam room, and another shower before being laid on a large, heated, granite bench for a soapy basting. Laying face down, the heat from the granite bed beneath radiates through me. Hot damn. Reprieve, as cold... Continue Reading →

Hurghada up in hurrr

Hurghada, I’m hurrrrr! Stepping off the bus and into a new cloud of dust, I head to the toilet (number ones) not bothering to remove my backpack during urination... (it’d be more difficult to try and take this thing off then get it back on again). Backpacker life. A short car ride from the bus... Continue Reading →


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