Final day in India

New Delhi, India Alsisar to Dehli I woke to the sound of Indian music echoing in the streets outside the hotel walls. The group walked around the town for an hour or so after breakfast. It was raw and refreshing to see local people in their environment, going about their daily activities, without swarms of... Continue Reading →

Jaipur to Alsisar – Holi

Jaipur, India A little about Holi Festival. Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated after the full moon in March each year. Also known as the festival of colour, it is a celebration of good over evil and marks the end of winter. In India, on this day, people put all differences aside (religious/personal/social) and spend... Continue Reading →

Jaipur and a hint of Holi

Jaipur, India Today was a long day but the start and finish were the highlights of my India trip so far. I woke at 5:15am and was in a taxi, leaving the hotel, by 5:45am. Pitch black, wishing I was still asleep. Where was I going you ask? To have the breakfast of champions -... Continue Reading →

Agra to Jaipur

Lohari Iradatnagar, India Agra to Jaipur. A journey of say 300kms should take approximately 3 hours, but in India, multiply that by 2. With a population of around 1.27 billion people and growing, it's no wonder the rate that the traffic moves is painstakingly slow. Now, when I use the term "traffic", I could mean... Continue Reading →

Bag lady

Delhi, India Good news - found Pepsi max but it's just called 'Diet Pepsi'. Bad news - no ones bags from Australia made it to India. Lucky for that spare pair of underwear and the supply of pharmaceuticals in my carry on. There is rubbish littering the streets. It's like India was built on a... Continue Reading →

Enroute to Dehli

Delhi, India The flight situation - Back, window seat rebel with a spare space between the only other passenger in my row and I = winning! When I first booked the India leg of my holiday, it was touch and go as to whether I'd receive my Indian visa on time. Cutting it fine, as... Continue Reading →

I’m leaving on a jet plane…

Klia, Malaysia But I'll be back in a month. So far, my journey has taken me from Brisbane Airport to Kuala Lumpur Airport. Common themes currently noted: Lack of personal space; Lack of sleep; and Lack of Pepsi Max in both airports. I'm an addict get me out of here or get me a PMax... Continue Reading →

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