Nirvana Maldivana

Nirvana Maldivana Male, Maldives Male, Maldives Warning, the following content may contain course language. Everyone has a preconceived idea about the Maldives, and when you love the idea of something so much, often nothing anyone says can change that idea. In the Maldives, you think you're seeing the world through rose coloured glasses, until you... Continue Reading →

Island life, is the life for me!

Island life, is the life for me!Maafushi, Maldives Maafushi, Maldives Just like Ushan said, it rained in the middle of the night. The sand indented by raindrops and set like mud mask. The Maldives weather is courteous, raining only when you're sleeping, not during the day, when you're on the beach, baking your buns. (Sunshine... Continue Reading →

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