Honey, I’m home?

Alexandra Headland, Australia In my first dream upon returning to Australia, I was in a boat with no sails, motor or oars, travelling on the current, letting it take me, then waiting for the tide to turn to get back... Funnily enough, I never came back to where I first boarded that little boat. Honey,... Continue Reading →

Farewell Mexico take 2

Playa del Carmen, Mexico Today I went to "La Cueva del Chango" for my final Mexican breakfast. Heuvos motuleƱos. It exceeded standards. LAX here I come, then forward to Brisbane Australia, to meet my past life once more. In Game of Thrones, they say, "Winter is coming"... For me, "Winter is home, Cheloena is coming".... Continue Reading →


Tulum, Mexico Swimming in the piscina (pool) at the hotel in Tulum is like taking a warm, chlorinated bath. The room is good... aircon, two beds and the shower provided a constant dribble of water, similar to that seen in creeks when they are about to dry up. I had trouble distinguishing the difference between... Continue Reading →

Taken away to Tulum

Taken away to Tulum Ladyville, Belize Ladyville, Belize Sick, exhausted and generally displeased, about having to leave Caye Caulker on terms I could only describe as, "duress" (sickness) has left me in less than average mood. The plus side of crossing the Belize border; I'm in Mexico again. When I last left, I wasn't certain... Continue Reading →


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