Gardnerville, NV As I write this, it's 4am, I'm sitting on dusty, filthy Patricia, sick, tired and in desperate need of medical attention. Diago, one of our "camp leaders" bounds into the bus looking for Freddy to tie a knot... Amazing! A guy who we put in charge of setting up the camp in the... Continue Reading →

Burning up

Black Rock City, NV I now can't move and have a death cough, accompanied by hot and cold fevers. My body aches all over. Despite being sick, I figure I'll go to a camp where they wash hair and boost my mood. Too bad my bike has been stolen over night. There goes that idea.... Continue Reading →

K hole

Pershing County, NV Last night, I climbed over a structure called "The Thunder Dome" where people volunteer to fight while attached to a low hanging harness and being swung towards one another, wielding foam like bats as weapons. I volunteered to fight last night and they told me to come back tomorrow. Jordy has unfortunately... Continue Reading →

1, 2, 3 it’s easy

Black Rock City, NV In a place where anything goes, there are things that don't... Such as spilling or discharging bodily fluids, liquids or any foreign matter/ objects onto the Playa. Very strict rules and principles for burning man. There are celebrities here! Leonardo Dicaprico got choppered in yesterday and one of my fellow burners... Continue Reading →

Lost and found

Black Rock City, NV Some come to burning man to find themselves. Me; I came to lose myself. So far, all I've managed to lose is my camera bag (with my camera and phone) after a big night dancing at the various camp parties, in particular, Slut Garden. Out of the dust, a male approaches... Continue Reading →

Setting up

Black Rock City, NV Once a year, 70,000 plus people travel from all corners of the globe, and gather in the middle of the Nevada desert, to construct the city that is Black Rock, to celebrate Burning Man. This year, I'm one of those 70,000 people. Burning man. An extreme location, for the worlds most... Continue Reading →

Pre burn. Inbound and down

Reno, NV How do you prepare for the coldest cold, the hottest of heat and dust storms? My bag looks.... interesting, with items ranging from practical, to plain and hard out weird. I catch a taxi to downtown Reno for some last minute costume shopping and a Walmart spree with my fellow burners, Ashlea and... Continue Reading →

Turning back time

Los Angeles, CA Friday is arguably the best day of the week and I'm travelling from one Friday, into another. 48 hrs of Friday! Note to Cher, I'm turning back time... zones. Despite being jet lagged, this lengthy trip provides me with an opportunity to listen to Frank Oceans new album "Blonde". It's... Aight. Sweeping... Continue Reading →

The Devils in the details

Brisbane Airport, Australia Before flying somewhere, you pick a date and book a flight. This morning I arrived at the Brisbane International departures terminal. I proceeded to the Qantas desk to check in for my flight to Reno via LAX. The Qantas hostess looked at my itinerary, paused, and informed me that at 6:30am (now),... Continue Reading →


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