Champagne. Let it flow.

6 May I’m in the city of love, and I ain’t got none. What I do have, is a never ending supply of pastries. Glorious, carb loaded, buttery (and bad news for my once lean figure), pastries. Oh my, France, you temptress. Paris is easy to get overwhelmed by. Museums, monuments, architecture, museums, Moulin Rouge.... Continue Reading →

Oui Paris

5 May Today, I do not miss my flight! The flight from London to Paris, (despite costing me £278/ $523 AUD after rebooking), is the shortest flight I’ve ever taken... tbh, deliberating on what hotel to book and where to go first took longer than the flight... As if it was a difficult decision on... Continue Reading →

May the 4th be with you

4 May May the 4th be with you. Touchdown, Gatwick Airport, London 1:35am. Temperature? Flipping freezing Sleep? 2 hours Plan to get to Paris? Unknown. Revelling in indecision for a few hours, I down 2 breakfast mimosas and peruse possible modes of transport to Paris. Flights and trains are expensive due to the May Day... Continue Reading →

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