From Trujillo, I catch a night bus to Máncora. Sheenie was detouring to find volunteer work elsewhere... until we reached Trujillo, and the weather forecast for elsewhere was shitty. Incoming, Máncora. Máncora is a small, touristy, beach town, on the coast of northern Peru. There isn't much to do, besides surf, kite surf, swim and... Continue Reading →

Huaraz hike

15/08/19 The pain of a suspected broken rib has forced me to get an X-ray, which reveals nothing. The radiographers speak no English and I'm not wanting to expend further funds, concluding it can't be too bad if I can still breath and walk. Huaraz wasn't initially on the list of places I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Colca, condors and escaping Arequipa

8/08/19 Besides the company and condors, Colca Canyon was not worth the 2:30am wake up or going to Arequipa for... I had other reasons to be there but I'll never recommend anyone to go to Arequipa in the future. The breakfast included in our tour was best described as a tasting... a whole tablespoon of... Continue Reading →

Arequipa and a bromance

6/08/19 A short flight and a taxi ride, I'm on the rooftop at my hostel in Arequipa. Some guests are amazed I made it into the city, others queried if I had rocks thrown at me in the taxi (as some other travellers had experienced). Jorge, a staff member at the hostel offers me a... Continue Reading →

Cusco and crapping myself

The morning post Machupicchu and Salkantay was off to a good start. Waking instantly to something warm on my thigh, I realised, I had indeed shat myself. Moving at high speed from the bed, to the bathroom... no alarm ever got me out of bed this fast. I spent the next 20 minutes in the... Continue Reading →

Summoning Salkantay

Day 1 Waking at 3:55am for a 4:30am pick up, I whisper to Elvar, "see you in 5 days", frantically grab my things and climb down from the bunk bed, to embark on my Salkantay trek. A bus takes us to Mollepata, where we walk 12kms to camp at Soraypampa (3920 meters asl). It's relatively... Continue Reading →

Copacabana y Cusco

Early morning bus out of La Paz to Copacabana... At Copacabana, I take a speed boat (the boat travelled the speed of someone doing backstroke on a bad day... and we ran out of petrol at one point) to cruise over to Isle Del Sol. Nice view and cute walk, but not worth doing tbh.... Continue Reading →


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