Foghorn Leghome

Manukau, New Zealand It's "pessing down" in Auckland (that's kiwi talk for it's raining). Yet another flight, plagued by crying and screaming children (Best contraceptive...ever). I came out the other side of the flight, looking 10 years older. Even after getting off the plane, the noisiest, most uncontrollable child, had somehow managed to stay within... Continue Reading →

Bye Bye, Mrs Samoan Sky

Bye Bye, Mrs Samoan Sky Apia, Samoa Apia, Samoa Last minute souvenir shopping at the Markets of Savai'i wasn't overly fruitful. The goods at Savai'i markets are much lesser quality than the markets in Apia, but I did purchase some kava and a cow horn... In that order. I return the rental vehicle to the... Continue Reading →

The Big Island of Savai’i

Manase, Samoa Wake up at 4am - it's still dark. Wake up at 6am, burnt orange light seeps through the gaps of the tree branch walls, into my chalet. It's the Savai'i sunrise, and it's spectacular. The sky lights up, and with it, my front yard; the lagoon. The water transforms and develops from darkness,... Continue Reading →

I do believe in Ferry’s

Salelologa, Samoa Despite roosters crowing from the early am onwards, twas the best nights sleep I'd had in Samoa. A sea shell horn is blown, signalling breakfast is ready... (To me, this horn is just another alarm I can't press snooze on). I spent the next few hours circumnavigating the entire island, taking photos and... Continue Reading →

Manono Island

Apolima-uta, Samoa After giving a local lady, Twuila, a ride into town, I returned my rental vehicle and checked out of the hostel. Outside, along the main road in Apia Harbour, a renewable energy/ sustainability rally, with police escorts, chanting and signs reading, "There's no planet B". Even Miss Diva Samoa (Yeh, that's a thing)... Continue Reading →

Hump day hiking

Lake Lanoto'o, Samoa Lake Lanoto'o is on the to do list today and I was out of the hostel by 9am (to ensure I'd have enough time to return my rental vehicle by 1pm). Things did not go to plan. Firstly, I got lost in Apia (didn't think it was possible), driving around for 45... Continue Reading →

Talofa Tuesday

Apia, Samoa It's 9am in Apia, and a siren rings through the streets. Tsunami warning? Relax, it's the alarm to start work. That's how laxed the culture is, the capital city needs an alarm to signal the commencement of work at 9am, and cessation of lunch, at 1pm (funny, there is not an alarm for... Continue Reading →

A Hostel Situation & Markets on Monday

Apia, Samoa Western Tafoala! That's "hello" in Samoan. Samoan is the native language, with English falling not too far behind. Samoans are dominantly devout and conservative Christians, so I'm not sure how my bikini and kimono ensembles are going to go down here... It was a rough night sleep. Along with a snoring Samoan, my... Continue Reading →

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