Huaraz hike

15/08/19 The pain of a suspected broken rib has forced me to get an X-ray, which reveals nothing. The radiographers speak no English and I'm not wanting to expend further funds, concluding it can't be too bad if I can still breath and walk. Huaraz wasn't initially on the list of places I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Colca, condors and escaping Arequipa

8/08/19 Besides the company and condors, Colca Canyon was not worth the 2:30am wake up or going to Arequipa for... I had other reasons to be there but I'll never recommend anyone to go to Arequipa in the future. The breakfast included in our tour was best described as a tasting... a whole tablespoon of... Continue Reading →

Arequipa and a bromance

6/08/19 A short flight and a taxi ride, I'm on the rooftop at my hostel in Arequipa. Some guests are amazed I made it into the city, others queried if I had rocks thrown at me in the taxi (as some other travellers had experienced). Jorge, a staff member at the hostel offers me a... Continue Reading →

Cusco and crapping myself

The morning post Machupicchu and Salkantay was off to a good start. Waking instantly to something warm on my thigh, I realised, I had indeed shat myself. Moving at high speed from the bed, to the bathroom... no alarm ever got me out of bed this fast. I spent the next 20 minutes in the... Continue Reading →

Summoning Salkantay

Day 1 Waking at 3:55am for a 4:30am pick up, I whisper to Elvar, "see you in 5 days", frantically grab my things and climb down from the bunk bed, to embark on my Salkantay trek. A bus takes us to Mollepata, where we walk 12kms to camp at Soraypampa (3920 meters asl). It's relatively... Continue Reading →

Copacabana y Cusco

Early morning bus out of La Paz to Copacabana... At Copacabana, I take a speed boat (the boat travelled the speed of someone doing backstroke on a bad day... and we ran out of petrol at one point) to cruise over to Isle Del Sol. Nice view and cute walk, but not worth doing tbh.... Continue Reading →

Fresh to Death Road

The most highly anticipated activity to undertake when in La Paz, is to ride 'Death Road'... that is, if you're an adrenaline junkie or enjoy downhill mountain biking. Tick and tick. Made by Paraguayan prisoners in the 1930's, 'Death Road’ climbs to around 4,650 metres and stretches 64kms, from La Paz, to Coroico. Narrow, sharp... Continue Reading →

La Paz Leggo

23/07/19 From Sucre, we catch a night bus to La Paz. Early breakfast at Cafe Del Mundo is delicious, now to wait for check in. Three Scottish lasses and I ride the cable cars over La Paz City. The cable cars are a giant scenic amusement ride and at $7bob, it's the best money we've... Continue Reading →

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